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August 16, 2013


Photo: Voodoo Doughnut Kitchen sign
Brian Defrees via Flickr

The Case Of The Stolen Donut

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Jay Boss Rubin thought he was just working another busy night at Portland’s Voodoo Donut Kitchen when he noticed: the store’s souvenir Holy Donut was floating above the crowd, making its way toward the door.

It was a Monday night in January, and someone apparently wanted to get away with the prized five-foot, foam-plastic donut that hanged on the shop’s wall.

Rubin, with the help of loyal customers, sprung into action. What that they didn’t know was that the pursuit that ensued would take a life of its own, and would bring more customers from far away.

Jay Boss Rubin is cofounder the the Portland Challenge swim across the Willamette River.


"Ballad of Friar Jay"

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