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April 25, 2013


Photo: Azzam Alwash
Azzam Alwash
Goldman Environmental Prize

The Tigris, The Euphrates And The Dictator

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When Saddam Hussein was in power, he wanted to punish the people who lived in the marshes along the two great rivers in Iraq. He drained the water and the marshes dried up, forcing people to move away.

Azzam Alwash grew up going in and out of the marshes with his father, who was in charge of irrigation. Azzam moved to Los Angeles, where he became a civil engineer, and after the U.S. invaded Iraq, he returned and began to restore the marshes. Earlier this month, Azzam Alwash was awarded The Goldman Prize for Asia for his work protecting the environment.


"Conte De Lincrovable Amour" by Anouar Brahem

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