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March 26, 2013

Long Shot To The Oval Office

In the past few weeks, 19 candidates have announced that they are running for president of the United States. Most of them will wind up spending millions of dollars and exposing themselves and their families to the kind of scrutiny that most of us could never even imagine. In the end, all but one of them will have to face the fact that they lost. So why do they do it?

In the 2000 race, President Bush ran against 8 other Republicans. One of them was Gary Bauer. When he was approached to run, he was flattered. But in his heart, he knew he was a long shot. He talks to Dick Gordon about his campaign experiences: including too much coffee, too little sleep, an accusation of sexual impropriety and the relentless search for money to stay in the race -- in fact, he's still paying off the bills from the campaign.

Overall it was a humbling experience.

It became very clear to me when I was in the campaign that even though I had spent a number of years in Washington, I did not have all the answers, and I did not necessarily know what the average Americans were thinking. I found out fairly early on that I needed to talk a lot less when I went into places like Iowa and listen a lot more. And I ended up learning from the voters where they were on the issues that quite frankly made me think about the issues a little bit differently.
- Gary Bauer

Though he didn't win the nomination, Gary Bauer did feel somewhat successful in pushing "family values" closer to center stage.

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