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January 10, 2012

Re-inventing Haiti: Day One

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Today, Dick Gordon is in Haiti. He's finding that people there see two countries: every day they see what the earthquake took from them, and they are also trying to imagine what they can reclaim and rebuild.

On this first show, Dick goes to one of the camps outside of Port au Prince, called Canaan, where thousands live under the leadership of a passionate pastor and politician. Pastor Charles feels God has called him to provide for the people there, even though at times he must tell followers they still cannot claim land. Then Dick travels to Leogane, the city at the epicenter of the 2010 quake, where new homes are being constructed through pre-fab parts from a factory in the capital. And then Dick drops in on a dance practice in Cite Soleil, where young men hope that their wild energetic dancing will help them create a dance troupe for their community.

  • See pictures of many of the people Dick talked to (photos by Barbara Gordon).

Guests in this hour: Pastor Odilier Charles, Okseese Louis, William Louissant, Fernan Josef, Wadner Jelain of CRWRC, Michel Carolo of Maxima, Jean Marioux Sena and Wendi Lezair of Cyborg Dance.

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