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March 29, 2011

Leaving Mogadishu

For the last two years, we've been telling the story of Mogadishu with the help of a young man there, Abdi. We've heard about his family splintering, the bullet holes in his roof and the bombs that explode on his way to school. Today, our news is that Abdi is leaving Mogadishu; the city has become just too dangerous for him. Dick talks with Cori Princell, the producer who has worked closely with Abdi, about this latest turn of events.

Also in this episode, Gordon Hempton is looking for One Square Inch of Silence - not a place lacking in sounds, but rather a place on the planet where the sounds of nature are allowed to be heard. Gordon talks with Dick Gordon about how deeper listening has changed his perspective on the world.

Plus, when Dick saw an obituary for Donnie George, the former chief curator at Iraq's National Museum, he thought to himself - well, Donnie, after the kind of life you've led, I'm not surprised your heart gave out. Dick met Donnie in Iraq during the days of Saddam Hussein and talked with him after the war forced him to leave his country.

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