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June 03, 2010

A Painting Finds Its Way Home

A Painting Finds Its Way Home

Rachel Richardson was in grad school last year, and had a big paper due. She started procrastinating and was perusing a Goodwill art auction site when a painting of a blond haired, blue-eyed woman caught her eye. She googled the artist’s name, Paul Wesley Arndt, and found another website, with a 13-year-old note from Evelyn Wehr. Evelyn was looking for a portrait of her mother, painted by the artist almost 50 years ago. Rachel talks to Dick about the extraordinary lengths she went to track down Evelyn. And Evelyn shares her delight in seeing the painting for the first time and about what it means to her.

The Green Team

Lisa McCarthy and her three sons Cole, Jude and Bennett started a recycling program at Mark Twain Elementary School in Long Beach, CA. Sounds much easier than it actually was. When Lisa first realized how much was being thrown out at lunch time, she approached school officials. They approved the creation of the recycling program - if Lisa did everything herself. She pulled together a group of volunteer parents and eventually kids. Lisa and her sons talk to Dick about the obstacles they overcame while helping their school go green.

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