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June 28, 2010

Experimenting With A Headscarf

Experimenting With A Headscarf

As common as the head covering is in Muslim countries, it is often criticized by people who view it as a “too visible” exhibition of religion. Many in the West view it as a form of oppression. For the past year, 9-year-old Aliya Suayah has been experimenting with wearing a headscarf. Her mother is a California-born American and her father is a Libyan-born Muslim. Aliya and her mom Krista Bremer join Dick Gordon to talk about Aliya’s decision - and her mom’s reaction.

The Next Chapter: Luis Najera

As you know, many of the stories on the program catch our guests at moments of decision or crossroads in their lives. We’re trying to make sure we stay in touch with these people and their stories as part of a regular feature called “The Next Chapter.” Today we follow up with Luis Najera. Luis was a reporter in Juarez, a major center of Mexico’s current drug war. Many reporters there have been killed. When he got a tip that he was a target, he and his wife decided to pack up, take their three kids and become refugees in Canada. They've just been granted political asylum there.

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