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April 16, 2010

Remembering Katyn


Across Poland this week, memorial services have been held to honor the dozens of dignitaries who died in last weekend’s plane crash. They were on their way to mark the 70th anniversary of what’s become known as the Katyn Massacre, the killing of over 20,000 Polish officers and intelligentsia at the start of World War II. Anna Wojtowicz’s father perished on that plane. Wojciech Seweryn had devoted his life to building a monument to honor the Polish victims of Katyn, including his own father. His powerful sculpture of a fallen Polish soldier held in the arms of Mary sits at the entrance to St. Adalbert Cemetary in Niles, Ill. Anna talks with Dick about the importance of remembering all that her dad and her grandfather stood for.


Yesterday was Tax Day, and while many of the rest of us were home scrambling to get our final bits of paper in order, Bob Porto flew from his home in Little Rock to Philadephia. He was a featured guest at a Tea party Tax Day rally. Bob is a contractor in Arkansas. In September 2008, the financial crisis hit and Bob’s long-time bank called in business loans he couldn’t pay. In his eyes, the federal bank bailout was leaving the little guys out while the banks raked in millions of taxpayer money. Bob got mad, then he got active in his local Tea Party group. Bob talks to Dick about his journey from the meeting room at the local library to the halls of the Capitol in D.C.

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