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April 19, 2010

Free At Last

For the last three years, The Story has been following the case of Al-Ghizzawi, a Guantanamo detainee, through his lawyer, Candace Gorman. Al-Ghizzawi was a shopkeeper who was picked up in Afghanistan and turned over to the U.S. for a bounty. Now after eight years in Guantanamo, he is a free man. But as Candace tells Dick Gordon, his trip to freedom in Tbilisi, Georgia was anything but joyous. 

Ahmed's Diary

raqis went to the polls 6 weeks ago, expecting to choose a new government, but it hasn’t actually worked out that way. The vote was split between parties, so the long wait to form a coalition continues. Ahmed Fadaam is our man in Baghdad. He’s been working as a journalist, and following all of this closely. He noticed that people on the street were doing something curious with the campaign posters.

Caring Parents

A new research study may offer those with diabetes hope in the form of an “artificial pancreas.” The new device responds automatically to changes in blood sugar. One of the researchers on the project is Ed Damiano. Ed has great interest in helping those with diabetes - his son David was diagnosed with the disorder as an infant. Ed and his wife Toby join Dick to talk about their son, and their hope for the tools that are being built to help those with diabetes. This story was originally broadcast on January 7, 2009.

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