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February 12, 2010

The Will To Win


The opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympic Games are tonight in Vancouver. Thousands of athletes will enter the venue to the thunderous applause. One of those athletes is Katie Uhlaender. She’s a skeleton racer for the US - that means she flies down an icy track on a sled, face first, at high speeds. Katie quickly rose to dominate her sport, and it seemed as though nothing could stop her. Then, in just a few short months, Katie's father passed away from cancer and she sustained an injury that many thought would end her career. But now Katie's back and ready to race. She talks with Dick Gordon about how she found her will to race in the face of tragedy.


Like many 20-somethings, Jada Brotman found herself in New York trying to make a living. Jada had her sights set on a job in the museum world. Even with a master's in art, she found herself interning for free at museums during the day, while taking on evening jobs to actually pay her bills. Jada talks to Dick about the strangest, and in some ways, most disturbing night job she had while she was in New York: booking appointments at an escort business.

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