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December 04, 2009

Timeless Jam

Timeless Jam

This is a story that proves the old AM radio adage "the music never stops." Geoff Greif, Jasey Schnaars and Bob Thompson are a trio of aging rockers. They were something of a one hit wonder in the early seventies. But the band they created in 1969, The Kansas City Jammers, has recently been rediscovered thanks to the Internet. Problem was, the guys had moved on with their lives. One is a doctor, one a teacher, and one a professor. They never imagined that they'd be playing again - living out their college dream - thanks to the fans and the Internet. The three join Dick Gordon to talk about their unlikely success, and their passion for rock 'n' roll.


One Soda Pop Shop

John Nese has worked in a corner store since he was 5 years old. His father owned the store before he was born and it’s still in his family today. But the grocery store no longer sells things like bread, or milk. Nope, this store is all soda. But you won’t find Coke or Pepsi on these shelves. John stopped doing business with the big guys in 1995, right around the time he switched to all-soda. He only sells soda from specialty operations. Some of them are tiny. John tells Dick why he switched to only soda, banned Pepsi, and the things he’s learned along the way. This story originally aired on September 14, 2009.

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