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November 05, 2009

Combat Bunny


Carolyn Schapper was a 30-something Army sergeant serving in Iraq, and the only woman in a unit full of men in their teens and 20s. One day her convoy was approached by an Iraqi boy selling bunnies. Carolyn tried to dissuade one of her fellow soldiers from buying one, but Carolyn was soon reluctantly holding a white rabbit on her lap as the convoy headed back inside the wire.

The bunny was a hit as soon as it arrived at the base - the soldiers called it Combat Infantry Bunny, or CIB, for short. Soon it became Carolyn's job to care for CIB. And before long she realized the bunny was saving her from her loneliness and isolation. Carolyn talks with Dick Gordon about how her unlikely connection with a rabbit changed her experience of the war.

  • Meet CIB, Combat Infantry Bunny



Nancy West felt like her son was growing away from her, immersing himself in video games and baseball, things that Nancy had little interest in. In an attempt to find an activity they could do together, Nancy, an avid runner, invited her then 8-year-old son to take on a challenge: see how many consecutive days they could run. Called streak running, Nancy and Tim started out with no goal in mind, and ended up running at least a mile per day for two years. Nancy talks to Dick about her mother-son experiment, and how it brought them closer together, which was the point all along.

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