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August 07, 2009

No Crying In Her Coffee

No Crying In Her Coffee

Claudia Becque was a good marathon runner who hadn't quite made it to highest level of competition. Her job as a nurse left little time to train. Then Claudia got a pink slip. She had just bought a house, and she was scared. But then she decided to make the best of unemployment. She dedicated her days to practice. Claudia's times improved and she got a glimpse of what life as an elite athlete could be. She even qualified for the U.S. Olympic trials. Claudia talks with Janet Babin about the upside of a layoff.

Protecting A Presidential Family

All this week we have been listening back to stories that first aired around the time of the Presidential inauguration earlier this year. Today we talk security. Secret Service agents began shadowing the Obamas on the campaign trail. Dennis “Denny” Schlindwein knows what it takes to keep a Presidential family safe. Denny serviced seven different Presidents during his time with the Secret Service. Denny shares with Dick Gordon his stories from a career protecting top political leaders. This story originally aired on February 4, 2009.

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