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June 02, 2009


Two older people sitting on a step and smiling
August Marx and his wife Paulina. August was a POW and became close friends with Dick Gordon's guest.

Lives Of The Prisoners I

Making Friends Out Of Wartime Enemies

The debate over the future of Guantanamo Bay continues. In this hour, we look back at another time when controversial prisoners were moved to the US, and what that meant to one young boy who lived near the camp. Mel Luetchens' father had a farm in Nebraska. He used the labor of German prisoners of war who were incarcerated nearby.

Mel was just a little boy at that time. Mel's family and the POWs made a strong connection and stayed in touch long after the young soldiers went back to Germany. Mel talks about reconnecting with the POW's families years later and what his experience as a child taught him about wartime enemies.


For the last three years, we have been following the story of one Gunatanamo Bay detainee, Mr. Al Ghizzawi, through his lawyer, Candace Gorman. Al Ghizzawi has been detained for seven years without being charged. Candace has recently returned from her latest visit with him. She tells Dick Gordon what's new at the detention center and what she's doing to find a safe place for Al Ghizzawi when the detention center is closed.

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