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October 02, 2008


Ray in a sailor suit, smiling, cap askew
Ray Stone as a young man

The Fighting "I"

The Fighting "I"

After nearly two years of restoration work, the Navy aircraft carrier USS Intrepid will finally make its way back home today. Since 1982, the ship has served as a museum at Pier 86 in New York City. But for veterans of the countless battles the ship was in, the Intrepid is more than a war relic. Ray Stone served on the Intrepid during World War II. He and the ship survived gun fire, torpedoes, and even several Kamikaze attacks. Ray talks with Dick Gordon about his service on the Intrepid, then and now.

  • Check out Ray Stone's memoir about life on the USS Intrepid
  • Read more about the USS Intrepid


On Tuesday, Dick talked with Captain Max Hardberger about his career fighting pirates who steal ships from their rightful owners. Today, with pirates off the coast of Somalia continuing to demand ransom for a ship they've seized, Dick talks to David Vann. In 1997, David was marooned with his broken-down sailboat in a desperate port in southern Mexico. He was scammed, beaten, and he feared for his life. When he finally tried to escape on his boat, it was rammed and nearly boarded by pirates demanding cocaine. David tells Dick how he eventually made it to safety, only to have a close encounter with a crocodile.


Two versions of "Anchors Aweigh". One performed by Studio Group for the album Big Band Swing - The Classics. The other performed by Jim Gibson for the album Songs of the Sea.

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