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September 02, 2008


James with a big smile and a beard, looking thin
James Loney shortly after his release

Peace Or Freedom

Peace or Freedom

Five British men are currently being held hostage in Iraq. Thousands of others have been kidnapped and held since the beginning of the war. James Loney was one of them. James was captured in 2005. Yet he went to Iraq to carry out his belief in peace - he went to Baghdad as a member of the Christian Peacekeepers Team, intending to document human rights abuses. He'd been there just a short while when he was kidnapped by a group of men calling themselves the Swords of Righteousness Brigade. James talks to host Dick Gordon about what it was like to be held hostage and the moral conflicts he had over the use of violence to gain his freedom.


An Olympic Greeting

Members of the U.S. Olympic Team have been returning from Beijing over the past two weeks, many to big celebrations. Back in 1980, Victor Lawe and other varsity club members at his high school got to meet members of the Winter Olympics team as they returned to Andrews Air Force Base. Victor remembers wondering what it must have felt like for those Olympians to be treated as returning heroes. Coming home from Iraq after his service in the Gulf War, he found out. It left Victor trying to figure out the meaning of heroism.

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