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September 23, 2008

God And War

God and War

Joshua Casteel served as an Army interrogator at Abu Ghraib. He used fear, manipulation and false promises to get intelligence from Iraqis, most of whom, he believed, had nothing to do with the insurgency. Even when he interrogated a young Saudi who admitted to being a fighter, Joshua was filled with doubts. He actually identified with the young Saudi, and shortly after that, informed his superiors that he would apply to become a conscientious objector. Joshua talks with Dick Gordon about his work as an interrogator, and the spiritual crisis he went through.


Dean Williams served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala over 20 years ago, introducing fish farming to villagers in a small mountain village. Dean left the country thinking that the project had failed. But on a recent trip back to the area, he learned that the fish farming technology he taught had spread to neighboring areas and - to his surprise- helped changed hundreds lives.

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