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July 02, 2008

Janet Goes To Washington


IBM was central to Janet Krueger's life. Her father worked there. The company paid for her college education. After graduating, Janet began working there herself. She expected to be there until retirement - at which point she expected IBM would take care of her just as it had her father.

But when she learned about drastic changes in IBM's pension plan, she lost faith in the company. She went to Washington to make her case and, to her surprise, developed a belief in the power of the American political system to help ordinary Americans. At the age of 49, Janet left IBM. She is now working as a lawyer.



One of the competitors in today's Olympic swimming trials in Omaha is Kicker Vencill. Kicker specializes in freestyle swimming. At 30 years old, he is a bit older than the other swimmers, but Kicker lost his chance to go to the 2004 Olympic trials because he had tested positive for a banned substance. 

When the routine drug test came back positive, Kicker claimed he was innocent - just like so many other athletes caught cheating. But in Kicker's case, his claim was true. Kicker talks to Dick about what it was like to give up his chance to compete in the 2004 Olympics and about his dream to represent the U.S. in Beijing.


Sixty Minute Man performed by Billy Ward & The Dominoes for the album Billy Ward & The Dominoes: 14 Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

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