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May 26, 2008

No Love In This War

No Love In This War

Matt Arbogast's grandfather, Paul Arbogast, died long before Matt was born. Matt never knew much about Paul, but he was always fascinated with his story. About all he knew was that Paul died as a young man after serving in World War II, and that his grandmother, Julia, never remarried.

Then Matt came into possession of letters Paul had written to Julia between 1943 and 1945.

Matt, who had spent the previous few years on the road as a musician, was electrified with the idea of making an album based on the letters. The result is "There's No Love in This War."

Dick Gordon talks with Matt, also known as The Gunshy, about what the letters taught him about his family - and how his grandmother reacted when she heard his record for the first time.


Your Story - Pam Rock

Thousands of young Americans make their first foreign trip as a part of the Peace Corps volunteer program. Pam Rock signed up because she was interested in working in a developing country and sharing ideas on nutrition and women's health. Pam was also living in Florida and eager to improve her Spanish.

But for Pam, the Peace Corps experience was not a lot of fun, even months into her time abroad. Then, one day, she read something that changed her perspective, not only of her time in the Peace Corps, but for her whole life.

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