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December 18, 2007

The Struggle for Liberation


Anita Isaacs was born in Namibia in 1959, a time when the apartheid system of South Africa was in place. Anita joined the armed struggle for Namibian independence, while still in her teens, and she was in exile for 13 years.

She got married and settled down with a job and her family, and she was joyful and grateful to be back ... until she learned that she had contracted AIDS from her husband in 1999. Her husband abandoned her, family and society shunned her, and Anita wasted into hopelessness.

After she slipped into a coma, one of her sisters brought Anita into her home to die.  But then a visiting friend told Anita about new antiretroviral drugs that could save her life. Once she was well again, Anita met other infected women, and she made the decision to go public with the problem of women and AIDS in Namibia.  

Cultural pressures often make it hard for women to ask men to wear condoms, but Anita has begun her own NGO to help the women of Namibia fight for liberation ... this time from AIDS.  



Everyone's heard the jokes about fruitcake, and no one really seems to like fruitcake. But Berta Scott knows the secret to making good fruitcake - adding more of what you like, and taking out the stuff you don't like. She speaks to Dick about how she got started making fruitcake out of her garage 30 years ago, and she claims her fruitcake is the best. 180,000 pounds of fruitcake later, Berta may be on to something.

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