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September 17, 2007


Lance Cpl Nick Ciccone, drawn by Michael Fay, based on a photo

Combat Artist

Combat Artist

In addition to carrying a weapon, Warrant Officer Michael Fay also carries watercolors, pencils and a sketchbook into combat. Mike's one of two active-duty combat artists in the U.S. Marine Corps. So far, he's been to both Afghanistan and Iraq twice.

Mike says war and art have always gone together. He has been particularly struck by the light, the rawness of war scenes, and the young-old look he sees on the weary faces of Marines. 

He talks with Dick Gordon about what he saw and heard on his last deployment to Iraq, not quite a year ago. At times, Mike was unable to sketch, so he kept an audio journal in order to remember the images later.

Your Story - Richard Simmons And Me

Devin Singley was visiting his sister in Italy with his mom one spring break when they ran into none other than Richard Simmons. Devin's mom walked right up to him and began talking to Simmons as though they were old friends. At 17, Devin wasn't quite sure what to make of the aging exercise star, especially after they bumped into him later that day and Simmons insisted on buying them coffee.

The story doesn't end there, though. Devin and Richard Simmons met up again in the United States some time later, and Devin got an autographed copy of his picture with Richard Simmons - and another "squeeze-the-life-out-of-you" hug.

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