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March 05, 2007

Signing Up


People choose military service for as many reasons as there are people in the military.  For many, it's a chance to serve the country, to defend principles of freedom that fathers and grandfathers fought for. For some it's a test, a personal challenge of endurance and discipline. For others military service means health care, and a community.

But with the country 5 years into the war in Iraq, the ideals of service are increasingly seen in terms of "service" in Iraq

The surge, as they're calling it these days- it's definitely on people's minds. Unfortunately, a lot of times when I talk to people and they mention it, they want me to take a stand on it.
- Sergeant Jason Earl

Before Sergeant Jason Earl became an Army recruiter, he was in Iraq. Now he draws on that experience at a time when disenchantment with the war is increasing.

Dick Gordon talks to Jason about the strategies Jason uses to pitch a life in the military, and how he deals with the unpopular nature of the war, and the uncertainty over what's ahead.

Your Story - Near Miss - Zach Allen

Zach Allen was featured on the very first Your Story, which we aired almost exactly one year ago. Zach was a lieutenant in the Navy when his story took place. It was early December, 1963. He was aboard a 120 foot minesweeper, leaving Guantanamo Bay for the US when his captain decided to head straight into an incredibly violent storm.  Zach's ship nearly capsized.

I went up on the bridge. The captain lay curled up on the bridge sucking his thumb.  I've never seen anything like it in my life: curled up in fetal position, sucking his thumb.
-Zach Allen
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